All-Star Connections Has a Plethora Of Experience Across Multiple Engineering Fields

All-Star Connections Has a Plethora Of Experience Across Multiple Engineering Fields

Rich Jeffery

August 20, 2021

If you are creating something we have the talent that you'll need to take your organization to the next level. Unlike most firms who hire individuals without experience or drive, our recruiters are very competitive and want to be the best recruiters out there. Our core values are based on our placement's sustainability within our client's organization. We know our success is predicated on our client's success, and we only deal with the most reliable, driven, and talented candidates out there. Additionally, our proprietary vetting process is unparalleled and includes a vast degree of psychology. We own a 96.7% sustainability rating in what is the most competitive market of all time.

Engineering is our primary focus to include IT/Technology (Software Engineers, Firmware Engineers, Hardware Engineers, database development/admin, front end development, IoT, and Project Management), Medical Device & Biotechnology (Pre-Market and Post-Market), Civil/Structural (Professional Engineers, Forensics, Construction Management, Project Management, Operations) and Manufacturing (Quality Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, OpEx, EHS and more).

We also go beyond Engineering disciplines to include Finance & Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and anything in between within your organization. Go through your depth chart, identify your needs, and reach out. Our organization holds the talent for you to establish or add to your All-Star roster. We are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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